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Mouthwash solutions containing microencapsuled natural extracts

Mouthwash solutions containing microencapsuled natural extracts: In vitro evaluation of antioxidant properties (dental plaque and gingivitis)

J.MouhyiabM.Del CorsocM.-P.HippolytecG.SammartinodD.M.Dohan Ehrenfest




New mouthwash solutions containing microencapsulated natural extracts were developed to provide both antiseptic activity and in depth treatment of oral tissues, due to their antioxidant and immunoregulatory properties. The objective of this study was to quantify the antioxidant action of the GingiNat solution (LoB5 Foundation, Paris, France) in an in vitro cell model.

Materials and methods

Diluted GingNat solutions (0.12%, 0.06% and 0.012%) were put in contact with Jurkat type human lymphoid cells in basal radical state (cells at rest) and in provoked oxidative stress conditions (after an UVA + UVB irradiation). The lipid peroxidation was quantified by flow cytometry using a fluorescent probe.


The diluted GingNat solutions at 0.12%, 0.06%, and 0.012% showed a significant antioxidant effect with respectively 122.9%, 117.8% and 119.3% on average. The difference was statistically significant compared to controls for the three concentrations without any significant difference among them. This antioxidant effect was even more significant when cells were in oxidative stress with respectively 155.3%, 139.3%, and 132.5% on average. There was a significant difference between the tested concentrations (p < 0.01).


These first in vitro results confirmed the antioxidant properties of the GingiNat solution. These antioxidant properties are significantly higher at stronger concentrations. Further studies are required to analyze the influence of microencapsulation on these results. Clinical trials are needed to confirm these antioxidant properties.


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